Sunday, December 28, 2008

Model Text on Curved Wall

Okay, this one is a real quickie :). Of late I noticed this query/request in some user discussions and groups. The query is “How to write model text on a curved wall?” and good news is that you of course can. Following is an outline of the solution/workaround; let me know if you want detailed steps:
  • Open a face based family template (for instance “Metric Generic Model face based”)
  • Create a model text object and place on the face (don’t worry about the orientation)
  • Make sure you create a parameter so that text can be edited once loaded in the project
  • Load the family into the project, wow! You are done
  • Use “Component” tool to place the text on the curved wall and edit to as per requirements
  • You might have to use modify tools to place and align the text as per your requirements (little work here :(

I have uploaded the files used on the BIM-For-Architecture group for your reference. Hope you find it useful!

Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Autodesk Gallery is a new exhibit that celebrates today’s design process

The Autodesk Gallery is a new exhibit that celebrates today’s design process. The exhibits illustrate stories of how things from aircraft engines to cathedrals, bridges, ice axes and cars go from a spark of inspiration to final creation. The Autodesk Gallery is the first in the area to show the role of software in great design, and is intended to be a space to foster conversations about design, to be inspired by design and to create collaboration. It is an interactive environment that explores the intersection of technology and innovative design by showcasing the works of Autodesk’s world-class customers and design associates.

Click here for some cool pictures from Shaan Hurlay, thanks Shaan :)


Thursday, December 18, 2008

MEP Videos on YouTube

Recently, I got to know that our team of MEP specialists has a series of the Autodesk MEP solutions related videos posted on YouTube Channel and finally today I got chance to have a detailed look. Though, I should have not been surprised about the efficacy of them, but what astonished me most was that how much user affable they are. Each feature shown/taught appears so simple that even a novice user can open the software and start working after viewing the video.
So, I thought if thousands of the users across the globe had been viewing them, why not to share with you all, assuming you are not aware of them (which I find hard to believeJ).
Suhail Arfath

Monday, December 15, 2008

BIMWorld now going to be part of Autodesk Seek

Well, I am so excited to share with you all this amazing piece of news. I am sure this is going to be highly beneficial to you.
Further enhancing its portfolio of solutions for building information modeling (BIM), Autodesk, Inc. a leader of design innovation software and technologies, announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets of
BIMWorld, a privately-owned business specializing in the production and distribution of branded BIM content for building product manufacturers. Autodesk plans to combine BIMWorld with Autodesk Seek, its online source for building product design information that allows architects and engineers to search, select and specify building products directly from their design applications.
"The vision for Autodesk Seek is to be a leading online destination and one-stop-shop for high quality building product information and design files," said Jeff Wright, Autodesk senior director of Content Solutions. "By joining forces with the BIMWorld team, we will strengthen the leadership of Autodesk Seek as a powerful marketing solution for building product manufacturers, and by further leveraging our strategic content partners, accelerate designers' access to a breadth of rich product information and design files for use during the design process."
Do let me know your comments!!!
Happy loads of content J
Suhail Arfath

Friday, November 28, 2008

Revit 2009 to NavisWorks 2009

The main reason for this post today are few calls I got this week on how can we send the data/project from Revit Arch/Struc/MEP to NavisWorks. Honestly, if you ask me it is really simple and cool, however following are few "Need to Know" facts:

  • While Installing NavisWorks, you need to enable "Revit" Plug-in (typically, it automatically finds if Revit is installed on your machine)
  • Once NavisWorks is installed you should see the export plug-in under "External Tools" menu

I also recorded a quick video for those of you who just want to know and don't have both the applications. Click at the following link to download the video.

Do let me know if you would like to see these kind of video's.


Suhail Arfath AEC Marketing

Technical Marketing Manager - MEP
Autodesk, Inc.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Revit 2009 products Web Update #3 is now Live!

Autodesk is pleased to announce that the Revit product teams have just released the English Web Update 3 Service Packs for Revit Architecture 2009, Revit Structure 2009 and Revit MEP 2009 (Build 20081118_1045) on Web Update 3 can be found under the Revit Architecture/Structure/MEP 2009 product download pages:


Suhail Arfath AEC Marketing

Technical Marketing Manager - MEP
Autodesk, Inc.

Monday, November 24, 2008

New Content Extensions

Well, here am I again with one more good news for the subscription customers (God, benefits are like raining). Anyway, there are two new “Content” – Families extensions for Revit MEP 2009 available for download on Autodesk Subscription Center:
· The "US Content Extension for Revit MEP 2009" contains imperial and metric duct and pipe fitting families that adhere to SMACNA and ASME standards, respectively
· The "UK Content Extension for Revit MEP 2009" contains duct fitting families that adhere to the DW/144 UK industry standards
This content was developed based upon feedback from users like you, so we do appreciate your feedback. A ReadMe file exists that explains how and where to install the files.
Happy Subscription!!!
Suhail Arfath
Technical Marketing Manager – MEP
Autodesk Inc.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Extensions for Revit Structure 2009 Now on Subscription Center

Well everytime I get to know from our internal team about the extensions, I get excited like once upon a time I used to get hearing somebody had some quite nice & interesting "Lisp" routines and he (well sometime it was SHE too) was ready to share with me. So, here I go with this facinating news again, there are some new Revit Extensions available to download.
Revit® Extensions are a series of easy-to-use applications that extend the capabilities of Revit® Structure 2009 software in various key areas, including structural analysis and reinforced concrete detailing. New extensions now available on the Subscription Center include Static Analysis of Beams, Frame Analysis, Automatic Generation of Reinforcement for Retaining Walls and Slab Corners, and Automatic Reinforcement for Concrete Structures.
Autodesk sales teams and resellers can access the Revit Extensions on the Subscription Center and a Revit Structure File for Extensions demonstration from OTW.
PS: You need to be a subscription customer to enjoy these benefits, well this is called a BENEFIT actually.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Conceive in Maya® and Deliver in Revit

The Maya team has updated the technology preview of the export to DWG capability to support Maya 2009. To get the DWG export utility:
The utility is available for Maya in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors. This is part of an envisioned overall workflow of:
Create an initial design expression in Maya.

  • Export file from Maya to the DWG file format.
  • Convert DWG™ files to SAT file format (ACIS® Solid) in AutoCAD® software.
  • Import SAT file to Revit Architecture for documentation and inclusion in BIM model.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Robot Structural Analysis and new set of Revit Extensions

Robot Structure Analysis 2009 and Robot Structure Analysis Professional 2009 fully integrates with Revit Structure, and will allow the structural engineer to seamlessly analyze complex structures. These new products are comprised of over 25 years worth of software development effort from Robobat. They support over 16 languages and 60 different building codes from all over the world.
To learn more, go to the product center located at:

1. New Extensions for Revit in 7 languages with 5 new Extensions (!!!). Specifically these extensions are:
- Two analysis related Extensions for continuous beam AND 2D frame analysis that will support simulation “inside BIM”. They will allow our customers to make better decisions early in the design process based on rational analysis and not rule of thumbs or hand calculations.

- Three Reinforcement related Extensions that will extend BIM to fabrication: Retaining wall Extensions for Civil Structures, Slab corner, and automatic reinforcement for an entire building!!
These extension reinforcement macros allow the model to be sent to AutoCAD Structural Detailing for automatic shop drawings.

More information on the Extensions at:

Monday, September 29, 2008

Did you KNOW : We are about to hit 1000 NUMBER

It is not too long when we started this group with mere 18 people, and I feel so proud today that we are about to hit 1000 members very soon. While countdown has started for 1000, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you particularly those who contribute to help others for making this group a great success. On the behalf of entire Autodesk India team, I wanted to thank our technical team from our Authorized partners to be a great resource of help in this forum. I am sure this group is going to touch great heights and is going to be a key resource for BIM in Architecture going forward.
I think now time has come to bring some more action here, following are some ideas from our side, however please don’t not hesitate to share with us any addition or modifications

· Unofficial list of “Wishlist” items for Revit Architecture future releases
· User Group Meeting (I mean meeting each other at some common location and share some high-end technology stuff, invite some key professionals from industry to share wisdom)
· Design Competitions J
· Any other welcome

I am sure we all would be excited to add and support these new adventures, I am going to send separate emails for each of them please reply to the respective emails

Once again thank you so much on the behalf of entire Autodesk India AEC Team and Authorized Partner technical team.

CLICK HERE to contribute
Best Regards,
Suhail Arfath

Friday, September 26, 2008

Revit 2009 products Web Update #2 is now Live!

We are pleased to announce that the Revit product teams have just released the English version of Web Update 2 for Revit Architecture 2009, Revit Structure 2009 and Revit MEP 2009 (Build 20080915_2100) and it is now LIVE.

For the first time in the Revit product line history, we have implemented Service Pack technology similar to the AutoCAD based products. This will greatly reduce the effort needed to update the Revit products to the newest build by allowing our users to update their existing installations without having to reinstall Revit

The Web Update 2 can be found under the Revit Architecture/Structure/MEP 2009 product download pages:

Suhail Arfath
Technical Marketing Manager - MEP
AEC Division,
Autodesk Inc.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

India Country Kit for Civil 3D

Well, as you know I am not a Civil 3D expert, I have been very impressed by this application and its capabilities. Now what make me curious to follow this product is its wealth of features which support the “Sustainability” initiatives. And good news is that recently one of our Product Managers Neeraj Dixit informed me that we have our “India Country Kit for Civil 3D 2009” now available for download
In order to understand little more about this I took time from him to understand its uses. I am sure you might find it useful in case you or your colleagues (share with them) use Civil 3D or doing Civil works. Please check the excerpts below of our discussion:
India Country Kit for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 is an attempt to bring software closer to Indian user. Kit includes
1. Alignment curve standards to incorporate minimum radius of horizontal curves, superelevation and minimum transition lengths for different speeds & curve radii from Indian Roads Congress standards as mentioned in its publication ‘Guidelines for Design of Horizontal Curves for Highways and Design Tables [IRC:38-1988]’
2. Vertical curve standards to incorporate stopping sight distance, passing sight distance and headlight sight distance as mentioned in Indian Roads Congress publication ‘Vertical Curves for Highways [IRC SP:23-1993]’
3. Popular alignment & corridor reports
4. Template _AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 India Bylayer.dwt”

India Country Kit for AutoCAD Civil 3D has been made available at
Autodesk Website
Best Regards,

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Revit to Max in 2009 - Reduce Triangulation of models imported in Max

Well, in case you are one among those (like me) who really keep up pushing the Revit Models to Max even if you are not doing rendering job just for some fun and to really LIVE your design; then the script below would be a great help to you.
function setVisibilityEdges obj = ( subobjectLevel = 2 edgeSelSet=#() -- Init. an Array
for face = 1 to obj.numfaces do -- Go through all faces
for edge = 1 to 3 do -- And for every of the 3 edges
append edgeSelSet (((face-1)*3)+edge) --collect the edge
meshop.autoedge obj edgeSelSet 24 type:#setclear -- Select all visible edges --update obj)
for obj in Selection do try ( if (classof obj == Editable_Mesh) do setVisibilityEdges obj )catch ( enablesceneredraw() redrawviews() )enablesceneredraw()redrawviews()

PS: In case you dont know scripting in the max, let me know I can send you the script file directly; as I am unable to upload a file here :(

Monday, June 16, 2008

Autodesk Live - Coming to your City : Register Now

Dear All,
I am excited to inform you that finally wait is over to meet most of you at our yearly solution day (Autodesk Live). Honestly saying I find these events a great opportunity to meet you and share the experiences and not to mention show you what we have special for you this year.

At Autodesk Live, discover the immediate impact Autodesk® 2009 software will have on your industry — and your business. Find out how experiencing your design before it is real can help increase productivity, reduce errors and save time. At this information-packed event, you’ll learn how to:
  • Visualise, simulate, and analyse the real-world performance of your ideas
  • Optimise and improve designs before creating anything
  • Achieve higher-quality designs in less time

So, what are you waiting for click here to choose and sign-up to reserve your seat.

See you there soon :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Autodesk Seek - A SEARCHABLE wealth of library

Autodesk Seek : It is a web service that allows designers - architects, engineers, students - to search and find generic or manufacturer-specific building products or components and associated design content. This content could include 3D models, 2D drawings, specifications, and descriptions for that product or component.
Well, I had been testing this for quite some time and trust me, finally it has grown into of the most sought after dream of us Revit content thirsty people have come true. Anyway, I suggest you better hear from the horse's mouth directly.
Check this site here

Monday, June 9, 2008

How to recieve a copy of Printed documentation

Hi All,
I had been often asked that we don’t get printed manuals/product documentation along with the Software box anymore. So, I realized it is a good idea to document it or record an AVI to explain how to receive a copy of the printed documentation available for your product.
Click here to order your copy or type in your browser.

Hope you find it useful.
PS: Please locate your part number and serial number on the back of your software packaging.

Cheers !!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Revit to 3ds Max FBX whitepaper is now posted on the design visualization resource center

Last night Tatjana Dzambazova [google her name, in case you don't know her; which is sad :( ] sent me an email regarding this. Even though it was too late, I couldn't resist downloading and going through all these white papers which I must admit are amazingly useful. Remind you, I had been working on this feature since early beta releases of Revit 2009 and have successully excited lots of our users by presenting this feature. But I dont think it would be fair if I wont admit that there was lot of learning for me too :).
So, guys what are you waiting for just download them from here
Finally dont forget to share your cool images you shall end up after going through these white papers.
Looking forward to hear from you.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Revit Structure integration with STAAD.Pro®

Revit Structure integration with STAAD.Pro®
With SI Xchange™ for Revit® Structure, buildings modeled in Revit Structure can now be easily exported to STAAD.Pro® for analysis and design. This one-way export from Revit Structure to STAAD.Pro is our first step towards a seamless integration between world-class modeling and analysis tools. Future releases of SI Xchange will enhance our integration by exporting more Revit model elements, including load information, and providing round-trip capabilities to fully demonstrate Structural Integrators’ promise of Efficiency Through Integration.

For more information please click here

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Student Design Challenge

You are the designers of the future.Go build something.
Join the Autodesk® Student Design Challenge, it's the perfect way to share those masterpieces with the rest ofthe world. It's also a chance to get your work in front of an international panel of industry and Autodesk experts.
And, of course, there are fantastic prizes for the selected winners.Categories:Architecture, Civil Engineering, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, 3D Animation, and Sustainable Design.Submission Dates: January 29–April 30, 2008
For more information on Autodesk® Student Design Challenge, log on to
Download free* software at and join the Student Engineering &Design Community now!
Attractive Prizes to be won.* Xbox 360 Game Console* $200 Visa gift cards* Autodesk® Maya® 2008 SoftwareAnd More!*Free products are subject to the terms and conditions of the end user license that accompanies download of the software.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Color Fill in Section View - New Feature 2009

In 2009 release, you can now apply color schemes to section views (in addition to plan views). In Revit Architecture, this feature applies to rooms and areas. In Revit MEP, this feature applies to rooms, areas, spaces, and zones. In plan views and section views, you can specify whether the color scheme displays in the background or the foreground of the view. This option is a property of the view.
Check the avi below :)

Autodesk Subscription: Terms and Conditions Update Notice

Autodesk recently announced extended benefits to its Subscription Program for Previous Version use of software. What are the enhanced Previous Version benefits?

  • Effective April 7, 2008, Subscription customers may now use previous versions up to three releases back from the 2009 product release up to the total number of licenses of the product currently under Subscription.
  • As part of the new enhancement to the current policy, a Subscription customer is no longer required to have owned the previous version in order to use it.
  • The updated terms and conditions clarify the extended policy and how you may use previous versions. (Section 2.4)
  • Access the Eligible Previous Version list in Subscription Center. Once logged in click on the Subscription Administration link on the left hand navigation.

Click here to download The new terms and conditions

Trip to "Heaven"

Recently, I got an opportunity for a quick (really quick) vacation to my native Kashmir J. But as we all know, we can’t help being without REVIT, so this time I happened to meet one of leading architect (Ar. Munir Khan) of the valley. It was really fantastic to see his work and kind of efforts they put together and I must say I loved their roofs. As usual, we started talking about Revit and tried some quick stuff in the new release. Check out some of the images which came out after a daylong session. Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Munir for all his support and energy to be with me for whole day J, but you know what good news is that he decided to move to BIM (Revit). Hurraayyyyyyy!!!!

Can you believe this is all done in Revit and each image took less than 5 mins to render :)... Do let me know if you want to try your hands on these new COOL features.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Analyzing Conceptual Designs - Revit Architecture 2009 (New Feature)

The ability to create mass floors from masses has been enhanced to enable analysis of conceptual designs. (In Revit 2008, mass floors were called floor area faces.) When you create mass floors in Revit Architecture 2009, the software now calculates the area, exterior surface area, volume, and perimeter of each mass floor. This information is stored in the instance properties for mass floors. You can include these values in schedules and tags.

You can then use this information to determine the following:

  • The best mix of uses (such as retail, residential, and office space) for the building
  • Rough cost estimates for the exterior of the building, based on linear dimensions or surface area
  • HVAC (heating/ventilation/air conditioning) requirements for different levels of the building

Click Here to watch Video on Youtube

Friday, March 28, 2008

FREE DWG TrueView™ 2009 Available for Download

Use the free* DWG TrueView™ to
  • accurately view, plot, and publish authentic DWG™ and DWF™ files

  • And now, DWG TrueView™ incorporates all the functionality of DWG TrueConvert™

  • This means you can translate any AutoCAD® or AutoCAD-based drawing file for compatibility

DWG™ technology from Autodesk is the original and accurate way to store and share design data when working with AutoCAD® software. With billions of DWG files circulating throughout every design industry, it’s one of the most commonly used design data format. Have complete confidence in the integrity and reliability of your data. Use authentic DWG.

Click here to download

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Raise Your Curtains with Vinayak

Ladies and Gentleman it is my privilege to share with you all a quick presentation put together by Vinayak Suresh Shanbhag (You better Know him, if you don’t) on Curtain Wall and Systems. I must say it can be really useful to raise curtains of your mind J
To view the presentations please “Click Here”
In case you need any information, you can post them on BIM-For-Architecture group; we should be more than happy to answer.
Best Regards,

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Conceptual Design and Modeling - White Paper

While approach and attitude about design may differ from designer to designer, most designers agree that optimal design solutions exist - they just need to be found. The question is, how does a designer find the right solution for any given project? How can design criteria be used more efficiently to evaluate possible design solutions? And how can technology help make this exploration and discovery process more informative and more efficient?

Autodesk has a variety of tools that can be used for conceptual design, allowing schematic project information to flow among disciplines and project phases, and to inform early design decision making. These toolsets enable designers to generate, visualize and then develop forms into architectural design elements.

Conceptual Design and Modeling - White Paper
This white paper details how Autodesk tools such as Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Impression and Revit Architecture support conceptual design and the building information modeling process.
Click here to download "white paper"

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Merging Towers Concept Model at Customer Site

Well we all know it is really painful to work on a holiday particularly if it is weekend :(, however sometimes things turn out to be absolutely opposite. Anyway, today I happened to visit two of our prestigious customers (long due meeting) and believe me I was amazed to look at the kind of work they had been doing on Revit Architecture. Looking at the "Construction Documentation" was like unbelievable. My colleague Nikhil is trying to put together a success story from their projects, stay tuned to know more.
Oh, it almost slipped out of my mind due to excitement that above concept was a result of our discussion at one of those sites, I thought of sharing with you all, in case you find something HIDDEN in it :)

Do let me know if you find anything...


Impression will no longer be sold as a stand-alone application

Impression R2 Announced at World Press Day
It was announced that Autodesk Impression 2 (to be released this Spring) will be available to Subscription customers of AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD MEP, and AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite. Impression will no longer be sold as a stand-alone application.Customer feedback for Impression has been overwhelmingly positive. By offering Impression as a benefit of Subscription, Autodesk is able to greatly expand distribution of Impression by making it available as a download to Subscription customers worldwide.Second, Autodesk is committed to making the Autodesk Subscription program the best way to stay current with the latest design technology. A few years back Autodesk started releasing AutoCAD on a yearly basis to offer greater value for Subscription customers. With the release of the 2009 family of products, Autodesk is adding Impression to the mix of subscription benefits so that subscription customers gain not only the benefits of simplified software management but access to exclusive technology offerings.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just a "Teaser"

Click the Image to check this out :)

Drawing Cleanup for AutoCAD

Drawing Cleanup for AutoCAD

Technology Preview 60 Day Timed-TrialThe Autodesk Drawing Cleanup Utility is an AutoCAD based tool that provides users the ability to quickly clean-up and structure DWG files to meet a company standard. The Autodesk Drawing Cleanup Utility is a user interactive CAD tool that provides visual feedback of user actions and greatly simplifies the process of structuring DWG data. The utility uses a template file to establish standards for layers, blocks, etc., and has a graphical user interface that runs user-defined recorded macros that define the cleanup process.
The Autodesk Drawing Cleanup Utility has been developed to assist AutoCAD operators in manipulating drawing data to achieve corporate conformity. The utility enables operators to rapidly select groups of drawing entities based on visual selection criteria and move them to corporate standard layers. In addition, the utility provides for intelligent decomposition of blocks and attributes within a drawing. The Autodesk Drawing Cleanup Utility runs on AutoCAD and AutoCAD based vertical applications.
The Drawing Cleanup Utility will run for 60 days after installation. After 60 days, please contact for further instructions

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Autodesk Launches New Solutions for Building Information Modeling

2009 Revit Platform
The Revit platform for BIM features improvements to each of the purpose-built solutions for architects and engineers. It keeps information coordinated, up-to-date and accessible in an integrated digital environment, giving project teams a clear overall vision of their designs and streamlining the decision-making process. New updates to the Revit platform include:

Revit Architecture 2009 (BIM for architects and designers) allows
customers to capture early design concepts with improved analysis and
visualization capabilities via:

  • Increased sustainable design and energy analysis capabilities
    through easy exchange with partner applications
  • Improved visualization functionality with the new Mental Ray
    engine for rendering, improving speed, quality, and usability

Revit Structure 2009 (BIM for structural engineers, designers and
drafters) has been enhanced with greater modeling and documentation
capabilities and is compatible with the newly acquired Robobat
solutions. The AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite now includes AutoCAD
Structural Detailing, enabling:

  • Steel and reinforced concrete detailing and shop drawings
  • State-of-the-art formwork drawings

Revit MEP 2009 (Revit for MEP engineering) provides customers with
detailed, specified modeling functionalities, including:

  • Air handlers, commercial condensing units, packaged rooftop units,
    and high-efficiency water source heat pumps

Autodesk NavisWorks 2009
Autodesk NavisWorks extend the value of BIM by enabling the aggregation of building information with data and geometry from other sources. By integrating building information, data, and geometry, Autodesk NavisWorks solutions enable the most complete understanding possible of the overall project, despite the use of multiple software platforms and applications -- improving coordination, collaboration, and project sequencing for design and construction projects. With Autodesk NavisWorks solutions, users can: -- Aggregate design models and data from documents created on both
Autodesk and non-Autodesk software applications

  • Develop more comprehensive views of projects and analyze and simulate designs before construction
  • Make better design and construction decisions, and extend the value of their investments in design software.

The Autodesk NavisWorks solutions consist of four software products: Autodesk NavisWorks Review provides basic model aggregation; Autodesk NavisWorks Simulate includes NavisWorks Review and adds time line and 4D capabilities; Autodesk NavisWorks Manage also adds clash detection functionality, enabling seamless visualization of all types of models, precise replication of designs, accurate simulation of 4D construction schedules, and clash detection to keep all project stakeholders on the same digital page, whether they are creating, viewing, or reviewing 3D models. Autodesk NavisWorks Freedom is a free viewer for files in Autodesk NavisWorks NWD and 3D DWFTM formats.

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 enables the benefits of BIM for civil engineering, from surveying and design through to documentation submittal and the delivery of 3D models for GPS machine control during construction. Important new functions in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 include:

  • A comprehensive stormwater hydraulics and hydrology solution for storm sewer design, watershed analysis, detention pond modeling, and culvert analysis.
  • Complete survey functionality that allows users to directly import raw
    data; edit survey observations; and create points, figures, and
    surfaces that are directly integrated into the model to support the
    design process.
  • Criteria-based road design that ensures local design requirements such as stopping and passing sight and headlight distances are being met.
  • Easy to implement solution for sharing model data across project teams using standard AutoCAD xrefs and intelligent Civil 3D data shortcuts (without requiring Autodesk Vault).

    For further details please visit:

Monday, February 4, 2008

Welcome to Coffee with Suhail

Thank you for showing interest in our new initiative “Coffee with Suhail”. I thought it is worth I give you an overview of the initiative and its objective and benefits.

Theme: “Coffee with Suhail” (Actually coffee and Revit, but thought to give a personal touch)

· Identify and recognize the “Best Revit users” across the country
· Listen to users to understand “what actually is important to them”
· Recognize the best projects and work done by them
· Create visibility for the best users across the country
· Build a “Active User Group”
· Address their “critical” queries and also some advance topic discussion
· Any suggestions to “improve”

· A person with “thirst” of knowledge
· Good working knowledge of Revit
· At least must done 5 or more Projects on Revit
· Ready to be “evangelist” for others

· Recognition and visibility to the “Best” across the country
· Answer to most of the critical queries you always wanted to know J
· Option to see or work on the “up-coming” release as “Beta User” thus being way ahead of the rest
· Best Project gets “Featured” on the Autodesk AEC Newsletter across the country
· An opportunity to speak at Autodesk Seminars/solution days
· A “COOL” T-shirt of “Coffee with Suhail”
· Of course loads of Coffee, food and drinks J

Hope this helps and excites all of you, so please keep fileing your nominations as seats are really very “limited”. We shall be posting the results and minutes of the meeting in the group next week, so keep in touch.

PS: Also, I would encourage each of you to let us know which city should be the next for “Coffee with Suhail”.

Finally, thanks a lot as always for all your support and contribution.

Best Regards,
Suhail Arfath