Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Revit to Max in 2009 - Reduce Triangulation of models imported in Max

Well, in case you are one among those (like me) who really keep up pushing the Revit Models to Max even if you are not doing rendering job just for some fun and to really LIVE your design; then the script below would be a great help to you.
function setVisibilityEdges obj = ( subobjectLevel = 2 edgeSelSet=#() -- Init. an Array
for face = 1 to obj.numfaces do -- Go through all faces
for edge = 1 to 3 do -- And for every of the 3 edges
append edgeSelSet (((face-1)*3)+edge) --collect the edge
meshop.autoedge obj edgeSelSet 24 type:#setclear -- Select all visible edges --update obj)
for obj in Selection do try ( if (classof obj == Editable_Mesh) do setVisibilityEdges obj )catch ( enablesceneredraw() redrawviews() )enablesceneredraw()redrawviews()

PS: In case you dont know scripting in the max, let me know I can send you the script file directly; as I am unable to upload a file here :(

Monday, June 16, 2008

Autodesk Live - Coming to your City : Register Now

Dear All,
I am excited to inform you that finally wait is over to meet most of you at our yearly solution day (Autodesk Live). Honestly saying I find these events a great opportunity to meet you and share the experiences and not to mention show you what we have special for you this year.

At Autodesk Live, discover the immediate impact Autodesk® 2009 software will have on your industry — and your business. Find out how experiencing your design before it is real can help increase productivity, reduce errors and save time. At this information-packed event, you’ll learn how to:
  • Visualise, simulate, and analyse the real-world performance of your ideas
  • Optimise and improve designs before creating anything
  • Achieve higher-quality designs in less time

So, what are you waiting for click here to choose and sign-up to reserve your seat.

See you there soon :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Autodesk Seek - A SEARCHABLE wealth of library

Autodesk Seek : It is a web service that allows designers - architects, engineers, students - to search and find generic or manufacturer-specific building products or components and associated design content. This content could include 3D models, 2D drawings, specifications, and descriptions for that product or component.
Well, I had been testing this for quite some time and trust me, finally it has grown into of the most sought after dream of us Revit content thirsty people have come true. Anyway, I suggest you better hear from the horse's mouth directly.
Check this site here

Monday, June 9, 2008

How to recieve a copy of Printed documentation

Hi All,
I had been often asked that we don’t get printed manuals/product documentation along with the Software box anymore. So, I realized it is a good idea to document it or record an AVI to explain how to receive a copy of the printed documentation available for your product.
Click here to order your copy or type in your browser.

Hope you find it useful.
PS: Please locate your part number and serial number on the back of your software packaging.

Cheers !!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Revit to 3ds Max FBX whitepaper is now posted on the design visualization resource center

Last night Tatjana Dzambazova [google her name, in case you don't know her; which is sad :( ] sent me an email regarding this. Even though it was too late, I couldn't resist downloading and going through all these white papers which I must admit are amazingly useful. Remind you, I had been working on this feature since early beta releases of Revit 2009 and have successully excited lots of our users by presenting this feature. But I dont think it would be fair if I wont admit that there was lot of learning for me too :).
So, guys what are you waiting for just download them from here
Finally dont forget to share your cool images you shall end up after going through these white papers.
Looking forward to hear from you.