Thursday, October 16, 2008

Robot Structural Analysis and new set of Revit Extensions

Robot Structure Analysis 2009 and Robot Structure Analysis Professional 2009 fully integrates with Revit Structure, and will allow the structural engineer to seamlessly analyze complex structures. These new products are comprised of over 25 years worth of software development effort from Robobat. They support over 16 languages and 60 different building codes from all over the world.
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1. New Extensions for Revit in 7 languages with 5 new Extensions (!!!). Specifically these extensions are:
- Two analysis related Extensions for continuous beam AND 2D frame analysis that will support simulation “inside BIM”. They will allow our customers to make better decisions early in the design process based on rational analysis and not rule of thumbs or hand calculations.

- Three Reinforcement related Extensions that will extend BIM to fabrication: Retaining wall Extensions for Civil Structures, Slab corner, and automatic reinforcement for an entire building!!
These extension reinforcement macros allow the model to be sent to AutoCAD Structural Detailing for automatic shop drawings.

More information on the Extensions at: